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  1. Oldschool :)). Am instalat si eu CSgo, si tot nu imi merge, desi am un laptop bunicel. La naiba, trebuie placa grafica.
  2. Ce te joci bre? Eu zilele trecute m-am apucat de Cs 1.6 si Unreal tournament 2004
  3. Today at 14:52 I will be exactly 1 billion seconds old. To celebrate I build this machine that visualizes the number googol. That's a 1 with a hundred zeros. A number that's bigger than the atoms in the known universe. This machine has a gear reduction of 1 to 10 a hundred times. In order to get the last gear to turn once you'll need to spin the first one a google amount around. Or better said you'll need more energy than the entire known universe has to do that. That boggles my mind.
  4. Culmea e ca tot el a venit cu definitia analfabetului functional
  5. FullSizeRender.mov Maxim moșulica asta. Îl cam mănâncă pelea
  6. Iti dai seama ce plictiseala pe astia, abia asteptau un razboi, o ciuma ceva, sa aiba subiect de discutii
  7. Se gaseste pe filelist Adobe.
  8. Alta-i calitatea contrelor pe aici! Sanatate maxima!
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