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Valentino Rossi VR46

Moto Gp / Mugello / Cursa nr. 9

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Niste impresii mai avizate despre YZRM1 si RC213V, dupa cursa de la Mugello:


“The engine is more or less the same [since the start of this year], the only thing is that we improved a little bit the aerodynamics,”


“Now we have very good aerodynamics to get a very high speed at the end of the straight and also Mugello is a good track for us because the last corner is so fast, so we don't have to accelerate too much.


“Anyway this year I have a good engine, much better than last year, quite good acceleration. We will keep working on the engine and chassis to get more traction and more speed.”


“It looks like this year the bikes are very similar,”

“Some tracks are a little better for them and some for us.


“But it seems like - from the outside - they [Yamaha] have improved a lot in the areas where we were stronger. Like speed in the exit of the corner. But they didn't lose corner speed.


“So I hope to improve our main strong points, which were top speed and a little on corner exit. Now we are struggling a lot to keep the bike calm. Always it is shaking and wheelieing and it's so hard to keep the bike 'quiet' out of the corners.”

“With speed, on Friday I think we were 4km/h slower than them. Then I changed something on the aerodynamics so I improved a little bit my speed,”

“It's is okay, we are almost the same, but not anymore like it used to be. So one of our strong points is a little less strong.”


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Băi cum e motorul ăsta nou de la Ducati: icoană cu dumnezeu și toți sfinții. Toată lumea se închină la el. A ajuns la nivel de legendă: unii spun că l-au văzut, alții doar au auzit șoptindu-se despre el.


Eu nu văd mare relevanță în toată asta. Motorul actual e prea brutal, da, dar marea problemă a Desmosedici-ului este în primul rând lipsa apăsării și feeling-ului pe față.

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