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Cumpar Ghete Harley Davidson

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Acum 22 ore, Daniel G a spus:

Cumpar ghete Harley Davidson



Am asa ceva, daca esti interesat:

20200121_213916.thumb.jpg.117009c95b13f4590b668cf78e1ccc46.jpg 20200121_214031.thumb.jpg.f85987b7555a450315bd5681ddfef975.jpg 20200121_213829.thumb.jpg.fed11c8fcf3b790ed35d3bc6d8fbf8cf.jpg 20200121_213846.thumb.jpg.91bbe31e087dffc514691ceeb96dd261.jpg 20200121_213903.thumb.jpg.123d290edc27d3f9ac72fd1af93d1587.jpg 20200121_213958.thumb.jpg.872ac86a751feea0ee5d6fe7bfef52fe.jpg


Stiu ca nu sunt exact ce cauti, dar nu se stie niciodata.


Au fost undeva la vreo 1000-1100 lei. Pretul meu este 830 lei.

Ghetele sunt nepurtate, piele nubuk, au bombeul rangorsat si protectie a pielii in zona schimbatorului.

Mesaj aici pe topic sau la tel: 0724977646. Se pot proba in Militari, zona Gorjului.



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