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Should I Use Chain Wax Or Bicycle Chain Lube?

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Riding a bike to work every day is a great way to stay active and reduce my environmental impact. chain wax and bicycle chain lube, which one is

effective at lubricating bike's chain and improving its performance. Can anyone suggest some good bike chain lube and methods to use it?

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I think asking a "performance improvement" from a chain lubricant is a rather tall order. I personally never lube my chains with anything and they are just fine, but I almost always ride in sunny weather. If you use your motorcycle daily, it might be a good idea to lubricate your chain, as otherwise it might get rusty and that might affect its lifespan.


For simplicity's sake, just use dedicated motorcycle chain lubricants, not bicycle ones: they are not thick and sticky enough and will rapidly splatter out. I will not recommend any brand in particular, just know that the more expensive ones are usually more sticky and thick: that's a good thing for chain lubrication but a bad thing when cleaning dirty lube out of your chain/bike. Compromises.


Some might also recommend gear oil/grease (that's the thing in which chains come smeared on from the factory), but that sounds a bit messy to me.

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