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  1. @john17 Thank You for advice man but... I plan to have this route from Sibiu (Alba Iulia - Turda (Is it worth to visit Salina Turda?) - Cluj - Oradea)
  2. Oh, I am almost forget... Must I have Rovinieta for maxi scooter? (A2 - Suzuki Burgman 400). And Thank You for all responses. Salut!
  3. Honestly, major of us thinks same about you. We dont have any conflict in past, when we are kingdom we have queens from Romania, we are ortodox etc...I think that you are most loved our neighbours. If you ever meet some Serb that dont love you it is because they dont make diference between you and Gypsies from Romania. Personaly, i really like you guys! I was in Timisoara 5 or 6 times and I am in love with that city.
  4. I plan to travel in Romania during the summer and have great time riding the motorcycle. I think that my route will be Jimbolia - Sibiu - Oradea - Jimbolia. I am from Serbia so i am just curious what ordinary people in Romania means about us? Multumesc mult!
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