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  1. bhairava posted them for me......I was at the race on sunday
  2. Can no one tell me how much a set of enduro/motox tyes are there?
  3. No problem, I could probably do with a sleep after riding 1500 miles on an XR400
  4. I was there three times before so I know how the beer is there Just comming for the trails this time
  5. Yep, im English.....i'll let you know when i'll be in sibiu, not too sure yet as im just going to see where I end up when i'm there, i'll let you know when i'm in Timisoara and we can hook up in Sibiu. I know a place in Bucharest where I can get Guiness....although I can smell it from 50 miles away so if its there i'll find it See you soon
  6. Hmmmm what about this guy????? Yep that really is a Yamaha R1 Sjaak Lucassen I doesnt matter what you ride....as long as you get there in the end
  7. Yep, its looking like digital aps are hard to find, I can find some for PC and one for PocketPC but they dont really have enough detail for trails. I'll buy some topographic maps and scan them for use in various apps. Then when I get back to England i'll upload the NMEA data of my trip to give people some starter routes. Thanks anyway
  8. Well here I am....from England.....and will be riding there in a few weeks to ride the carpathian trails I guess that settles the argument If anyone wants to join me for a beer when I get there just gimme a shout and let me know where you are, i'll be all over the country for a few weeks
  9. What are the best maps I can buy for trail riding in Romania? I'll be travelling all over starting in Timisoara then onto Sibiu, Cluj, Brasov, Bucharest, Craiova, Severin and back to Timisoara. I also use a pocketpc with a GPS but my digital maps only cover my route from England to just over the border into Romania, are there any pocketpc digital maps of Romania that I can use with the GPS? Thanks all p.s. If there is anyone in those areas that would like to ook up for a bit of mountain trail riding drop me a PM or an email
  10. Can anyone tell me where in or near Timisoara I can buy a set of offroad enduro tyres for a Honda XR400. I'll be travelling there and then on a tour of Romania in a couple of weeks. Thanks for any info in advance
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