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  1. Great Thx for beer, night trip over Sibiu and others Regards Joki
  2. joki

    Advice For Traveler

    thanks a lot times show what will be , in anyway i will send SMS to you Best Rgds Joki
  3. joki

    Advice For Traveler

    i will be there 23 or 24 august it depend on when am leave poland for 1 night 1 bike 2 people BTW Louis Cyphre from Harry Angel ?
  4. joki

    Advice For Traveler

    Hi:) I need advice, i will travel tghrouh romania and planing to take a night close to sibiu do you know any good (and cheap) place (motel, camping, whatever) ? thanks & regards joki yamaha AME Y 5/2
  5. sometimes fastes not means the most interesting but for this time i decide for bridge giurgiu -ruse and I also take a look for bucarest
  6. You are sure thati could take ferry for motobike in Turnu marguele ? could you check price for ferry ? for me this way are shorter then ferry in calafat-vidin or bridge in giurgiu-ruse thanks for the info joki AME Y 5/2
  7. Hi to everybody around 24 of august i will be travel trough romenia on way to greece (on bike of course ) could anybody tell me if is possibel to cross RO/BG border in turnu marguele? Best Regards Joki AME Y 5/2
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