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  1. The first race for 2016 will be "Kardjali Off-Road Fest" - opening the off-road season with races 4x4 and Enduro The last edition was 250 participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy and Tourkey ! All information you will find in our page - www.bulfgaria-offroad.com ! Entry fee and all information - HERE ! Approximately 25-40 euro, depending on the period of registration ! Accomodation - HERE ! Approximately about 25-30 euros a double room with breakfast ! Location - 400 km. from Bucharest ! Will be two tracks - HARD for profesionals and SOFT for beginners and veteran
  2. We have new web-page with ALL RACES IN BULGARIA ENJOY http://www.bulgaria-offroad.com
  3. Veliko Tarnovo is canceled...sorry for delay... The last cometition will be in the begining of November, near Kazanlak, but is not in the Championship !
  4. Rally Raid in three countries - the big adventure from 6 to 12 of September 2015
  5. The hotel will be in GERGANA, Albena ! The price is 45 euro per room for two persons "All inclusive" with drincks The registration will be on 30 of April from 17:00 to 20:00 h. in hotel Gergana. Tomorow will be program and regulation, but the regulations is the same like in Kardjali ! Video for warming from I Round in Kardjali
  6. Probably Albena, the entries have not started, but I will give you info when is ready ! Entry Fee - 50 leva + 30 leva medical insurance = 40 euro per participant. The hotel maybe will be "Gergana", price (approximately) 40 euro per day per person all inclusive - food and drinks
  7. 20 days before the race we have more than 100 participants in Enduro category from Bulgaria, Spain and Greece We wait Romanian bikers
  8. That is exactly ! Hard Track for EXPERT and Soft for week-end riders » Post actualizat in 12 Jan 2015 06:34 In this video from last weekend you will se the track for MOTO HOBI & ATV/QUAD for DAY1 - 28 of February - 40 km. approximately
  9. Hi Bogdan, No, in Ruse no enduro race, because...no mountains In Kardjali will not be snow. because is... South Bulgaria or Northern Greece... very rarely has snow... Enduro Varna will be from 1 to 3 of May or 8-10 of May...I will have info next weekend. Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo is O.K. - the dates is corect ! Here is BG Enduro races: 1. Hard Enduro "Kardjali" - 28 of February - 2 of March - 3 days 2. BG-X Enduro "Karnare" - 25 - 26 of April 3. Enduro "Varna" - 1-3 or 8 -10 of May - 3 days 4. BG-X Enduro "Gabrovo" - 20 -21 of June 5. BG-X Enduro "Шумен" - 11-12 of July 6. Six
  10. No another paymants, excluding the medical insurance (not obligatory for all races). Normaly for 3 days is 15 eur per three days and 10 euro per two days.No license in Bulgaria for Enduro Ask me if you have questions or interes for races from our forum and I will inform you You just look the pictures I will anonce here the good races and you will now the dates and place. Here is info for Kardjali and will be for Samokov in September - http://riskgabrovo.com/ Here is all enduro races in the forum : http://www.offroad-bulgaria.com/forumdisplay.php?f=293
  11. Hi Bogdan and Happy new Year ! Yes, there are additional markings, signs and bands on the difficult places. Bulgarian Enduro Championship have 10 races, but only three races is three days, the another is two days. For you (because is close) will be interesting the races in Varna - in the beginig of May - 3 days, Shumen - 11 & 12 of July, Veliko Tarnovo - 26 & 27 of September. The another races is on the another side of Bulgaria But if you wont hard experiance the most popular is "Six Days Crazy Job" - 2-7 of August - many people from Germany, Austria, England and Romania The ano
  12. » Post actualizat in 24 Dec 2014 05:38 The first race in Kardzhali there are several competitions at the same time but on different tracks -hard enduro, rally raid and off-road. The track for Hard Enduro is about 100 km. for the first two days and X-Track for the last day. You need GPS Garmin for the navigation. We will put you the track. More information for the Enduro Race you will find here - http://riskgabrovo.com/_m1766/X-CROSS-Kardzhali-4x4-2015 I think the best choice is bike with 250-350 cc engine The bike must not be heavy, because the track is a hard... For the Rally Ra
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