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  1. Thank you for the information, good news !! Our trip will start this Friday!!
  2. Dear all, Do I have to buy DKV ( road tax ) for my bike ( 1200 cc ) ? Thanks
  3. Thank you all to share fruitfull answers with me. Dear Zair, thank you for the map, after Rijeka I can go to Vienna and Budapest as well, and I can use Budapest > Oredea > Cluj > Sigisiora > Brasov road to come back Bucharest, right ? Dear Caron, yes Montenegro also good option to see before Dubrovnik, I heard my good thıngs about Montenegro, I want to see Mostar as well.
  4. Dear all, I have just joined this forum, I got in Bucharest 10 months ago and planning to make europe tour in June with my R1200GS. ( two weeks ) Let me ask you about road to go Croatia cost, whihc way is the best in terms of security and worth to visit ? - Bucharest > Bulgaria - Sofia > Macedonia - Uskup > Albania > Montenegro > Croatia OR - Bucharest / Craiova > Serbia > Bosnia > Croatia or other way which you offer, I need you advice, Thank you very much
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