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  1. But is it legal? The question, of course, is whether it is legal or not. I spoke to Danny Aldridge on Friday, and he told me that the parts did not contravene the regulations. Reading the MotoGP regulations published on the FIM website (PDF), the rules on aerodynamics do not cover devices attached to the swingarm, or to the bottom of the front wheel, where the carbon covers are located. Here is what the relevant part of the rules say: The MotoGP Aero Body is defined as the portion of the motorcycle bodywork that is directly impacted by the airflow while the motorcycle is moving forward, and is not in the wake (i.e. aerodynamic “shadow”) of the rider’s body or any other motorcycle body parts. Therefore the Aero Body consists of the two separate components Front Fairing and Front Fender (Mudguard), as per the diagrams the Appendix, General:Fig.5, Fig.6. To make the rules clear, the rule book also has a diagram: https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/motogp/ducati-aerodynamic-swingarm-protest-analysis-motomatters/
  2. Onix Cosworth Paul Ricard 1989 teste
  3. Invoca arbitraj E cel mai bun @PzKpfW
  4. https://www.statsf1.com/fr/1967/allemagne/classement.aspx
  5. O fi Honda in 67 a avut un singur pilot
  6. Ca vezi femei...e ok Cauta niste poze din anii 67-68 cu forma galeriilor de evacuare Lotus evacueaza pe jos
  7. Mie nu mi se pare a fi Lotus 49 Avea doua brate paralele la prinderea rotii fata jos Si priza de aer este.....nepotrivita Plus ca si Clark si Hill au folosit casti inchise la culoare (desi au fost mai multi piloti) Galeriile de evacuare....parca tot ...altceva Mai degraba pare Honda...John Surtees
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