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  1. "reclama"pentru fanii JL99 https://www.olx.ro/oferta/vand-ceas-sector-jorge-lorenzo-IDccxrr.html
  2. @Kosh cum adica legalizata la ambasada? nu e deajuns o imputernicire in limba tarilor prin care trec cu stampila firmei?
  3. recomand acel gopro cum a zis colegul filmarile de mai sus sunt cu el facute, fara update de SW. dupaia am facaut update la SW si filmarile de la ski parca au fost ceva mai ok.
  4. da, doar ca montatul ala bine te limiteaza ca si arie de filmare. mi-e imi place mai mult sa fie filmat de sus de pe top case cum e in a doua filmare, doar ca acolo vibratile sunt mai mari decat sunt pe side case.
  5. da vad, pe piept se vede mult mai ok ca si pe moto. si pe offroad se vor vedea si mai mult daca camera e prinsa pe moto. uite diferenta cu aceeasi camera montata in doua locuri diferite:
  6. mai ales daca faci ceva offroad iti trebuie stabilizare. si daca nu ai camera pe casca, vibreaza foarte muuult camera.
  7. https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/opinion/motogp/motogp-isle-man-tropical-isle-arabian-desert Motorcycle Grand Prix racing celebrates its 70th birthday this year, so perhaps in some way it's fitting that a championship that began on a dank, grassy rock in the middle of the Irish Sea should commence this historic season in the middle of a burning desert. .... “Silverstone has proposed to us some improvements to the tarmac,” said Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta at Losail. “The circuit is not currently homologated, so it will need to be homologated by the FIM, but we are confident Silverstone will fulfil their proposals.” This isn't a good time for any MotoGP venue to be struggling with problems. The championship continues to grow in popularity, with venues across the globe queuing up to have Marc Márquez, Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso and the rest dancing around on their asphalt. MotoGP test teams are due to try out Finland's new KymiRing in August, with the plan for the championship to return to the country next year for the first time since 1982. At Losail there were also rumours of a test at Mexico City's F1 track, which looks like it would need a total rebuild to make it safe for bikes. .... cine are chef de lectura interesanta despre circuitee noi si motogp
  8. daca moto e pe firma, ajunge o foaie stampilata cu imputernicire?
  9. pascota in giroc, sau in sag
  10. VIÑALES: RIDING HIS M1 LIKE IT’S A DUCATI OR HONDA Maverick Viñales once again ended Sunday downcast and confused. He had been devastatingly fast in practice and qualifying, using a new riding technique. He doesn’t ride a Ducati or a Honda but he found he could be faster than anyone by using a Ducati/Honda riding technique, transforming his cornering lines, so that he uses the edge of the tyres as little as possible to make them last as long as possible. “We improved a lot on corner entry and when we pick up the bike,” he said on Friday. “That’s my style – to enter the corner fast, pick up the bike really fast and ride as few metres as possible with the bike at full lean. Right now we are building a good bike for that style. We are working in that way – trying to be deeper into the corner, then open the throttle early and pick up the bike. I think that the way the Michelins work better.” Finally, it seemed Viñales had found a way around the Yamaha’s problems of overusing the edge of the Michelins. But a poor start on Sunday ruined everything. He found he was unable to use his new lines while in the midst of the pack. It’s no coincidence that he rode his fastest lap three laps from the end while all alone. Certainly, Viñales’ technical explanation makes some sense. But perhaps there’s a psychological aspect as well. Some riders can ride free and fast when there’s less pressure – in testing and practice – but they struggle to stay cool for the race. Yamaha has been here before. Carlos Checa, who rode for the factory from 1999 to 2004 was the same – king of testing and often fastest in practice but never a winner on a YZR500 or YZR-M1. THE CLOSEST-EVER TOP 15 – WHY? Sunday’s race was historic – the closest top 15 in 71 seasons of 500cc and MotoGP racing. Just 15.093sec separated winner Dovizioso from last points-scorer Johann Zarco, which bettered the previous record of 16.043sec at Assen last year. Fifteen seconds covering 15 riders would have been a big deal in 125cc racing two decades ago but in fact it’s no great surprise now in MotoGP. Grand Prix racing is in its eighth decade now. At first great mountains were climbed, with performance increasing rapidly as engine designers learned about engines and chassis engineers learned about chassis. MotoGP now finds itself on a high plateau, where everyone knows pretty much everything about getting a motorcycle around a racetrack and the landscape has been further flatted by rule-makers anxious to keep everyone at the same level. Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 time gaps at Losail, since the first Qatar Grand Prix in 2004. Year Gap from 1st to 10th 2004 1min 18.5sec 2005 44.2sec 2006 34.3sec 2007 28.4sec 2008 38.3sec 2009 42.3sec 2010 21.1sec 2011 28.9sec 2012 33.6sec 2013 44.9sec 2014 43.3sec 2015 17.4sec 2016 24.4sec 2017 15.0sec 2018 14.5sec 2019 9.6sec Notice how the gap has shrunk over the past three years. The 2016 Qatar GP was the first race of the unified software/Michelin era, so everyone was only just getting to grips with the new demands on bikes and riders. In 2017, 2018 and 2019 the gap shrunk considerably. Sunday’s top 10 was the second closest in history, just behind last August’s Czech GP, where the tenth finisher crossed the line 8.3sec behind the winner. Two reasons for this: simpler electronics, which don’t allow the richer factories to run away with hugely complex fuel-saving and tyre-saving strategies and the Michelins. The Michelins are friendly tyres that pretty much everyone can use to the maximum. And because tyres ultimately decide lap times, everyone rides around the track at pretty much the same speed. And because Michelin provides three rear slicks for each race, all designed to be race tyres, tyre management becomes a big deal, especially when riders choose softer tyres for better grip. On Sunday most of the grid chose the softest rear tyre and no one chose the hardest. The first five riders past the flag all used the medium. Sixth-placed Petrucci was the first home on a soft rear, 2.32sec behind the winner, a difference of just 0.1sec per lap. Qatar is particularly tricky for tyre choice, because track temperature plummets after the sun goes down. Petrucci was the only top rider to choose a soft rear and a soft front. “But I’m not so stupid,” said the Italian after his first race as a full-factory Ducati rider. “At 7.30pm (30 minutes before the start) the track temperature was dropping and at 7.45, when we chose my tyres, the temperature was still going down.” Petrucci and his crew assumed that track temperature would continue to decrease, which could have made a soft/soft choice a winning combination. But of course it was a gamble. “The problem was that after 7.45 the track temperature stayed stable,” Petrucci added. “It wasn’t like Saturday night, when the temperature went down, down and down and the dew arrived. Tonight there was no dew.” and more interesting stuff: https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/news/motogp/motogp-mutterings-2019-qatar-grand-prix
  11. in Serbia/Macedonia daca mergi cu max 20km peste limita e ok, binenteles stai cu ochii dupa masinile de politie si mai reduci cand ii vezi. in cel mai rau caz, sa ai pregatite hartii de 10E. eu asa rezolv de fiecare data
  12. eu de obicei mergeam noaptea prin Serbia spre Grecia. plecam la 8-9 din Tm si ajungeam dimineata in Grecia. Drumul e mai liber noaptea dpmdv si e ok ca si calitate. se lucreaza pe o portiune intre Serbia si Macedonia, dar in mare e ok. Poti folosi Here maps, dai harti offline jos si n-ai treaba. Sunt updatate la zi sa zicem.
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