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    Motogp presezon 2019

    Cam mult anilingus pt marq Ce treaba are puig cu rossi? De ce il ataca in felul.asta? Cat a fost pedrosa coleg cu mm si pedrosa a mers de porc anul asta,puig putea sa declare despre colegul lui tot ce avea pe inima,dar nah,daca e compatriot tine ciocu mic Cand o sa termine rossi campionatul pe 6 atunci sa declare asemenea lucruri. Mie unul imi par cam deplasate la adresa lui rossi si prea lingusitoare la adresa lui mm
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    Motogp presezon 2019

    Casey Stoner estuvo ligado a Honda durante las temporadas 2011 y 2012, donde conquistó el título en su llegada a la fábrica nipona. Ahora Jorge Lorenzo emprende el mismo camino que el australiano, pasando de la Ducati a la Honda. Dos motos muy diferentes pero a las que Stonerse adaptó y con las que ganó. El bicampeón de MotoGP cree que para el español será más sencillo pilotar la Honda. "Creo que será más fácil para Jorge pasar de Ducati a Honda. La Honda es una moto mucho más normal. Le llevó más tiempo ganar de lo que esperábamos. Pero Jorge ha demostrado que puede ganar en una Ducati. Ir a Honda le motivará. No tengo ninguna duda de que él puede hacerlo. Estoy muy intrigado por ver qué pasa", afirma en declaraciones que recoge Speedweek. Stoner considera que aunque Márquez y Lorenzo utilizarán la misma moto, tomarán vías distintas en cuanto a configuración. "Es probable que las especificaciones del motor del próximo año y cosas como los frenos, las ruedas y los neumáticos de las motos de Honda no sean las mismas", explica. Jorge Lorenzo en los test de Valencia. / EFE "La Honda puede tener diferentes chasis e incluso diferentes alas y geometría. Cuando estaba en Honda, Dani Pedrosa y yo solíamos tomar decisiones diferentes, y sé que Marc siempre prefirió un marco y una configuración diferentes a las de Dani. Incluso es posible que Jorge y Marc elijan diferentes 'mappings' electrónicos", añade el australiano. Para concluir, Stoner ha valorado cómo trabajan desde el equipo nipón: "Algunas personas dicen que los japoneses son geniales y como robots en el trabajo, yo no tuve esa impresión en Honda, estaban muy motivados. Takeo (Yokoyama) se toma las carreras muy en serio y tiene una gran pasión por ello. Siempre le interesó lo que tenía que decir sobre la moto y las diversas opciones. Takeo también tiene una idea clara y un liderazgo claro, pero eso nunca es algo malo"
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    Motogp presezon 2019

    O fi momentul oportun pt vanzare. Daca ktm cumpara ducati,cu siguranta va pastra motocicletele ducati si ktm in motogp.
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    Motogp presezon 2019

    Corect,sa para
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    Pe ce circuit,brno?
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    Motogp presezon 2019

    Lorenzo ii e cam e dator,si poate sa fie un bun scut. Daca il va bate pe mm atunci jos palaria Totusi cred ca nu sunt chiar prosti cei de la hrc sa aduca un coechipier care ii va fura puncte favoritului.
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    Motogp presezon 2019

    Honda plans to build a very different RC213V for Jorge Lorenzo, according to HRC technical director Takeo Yokoyama. ‘Let’s stick to Honda’s philosophy. We have two factory riders and if they want something different, we’ll build two different bikes. If George asks, we will do something special. I’m very curious to know what he wants from the bike. Of course the engine specification is the same for the two riders, but we can do something different in terms of chassis, geometry or other parts’, Yokoyama told Speedweek. The spaniard was 12th in the first test in Valencia with RC213V, eight tenths of the best time, but in Jerez he improved against the fastest and finished fifth, less than two tenths of the top.
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    Rossi's Fan Club 46

    There’s no prize money at Valentino Rossi’s annual 100km dirt-track race, but the racing is just as vicious as MotoGP Perhaps one day Valentino Rossi will work out how to sit back and rest on his laurels. But he’s not there yet. Eleven weeks before his 40th birthday and two days after MotoGP’s longest-ever season of racing and testing, he was back at it: racing motorcycles around in circles (and hurting himself), because that’s what he likes doing. Sunday was the biggest day of the year at the VR46 Motor Ranch, the training venue that Rossi created in 2011 just outside Tavullia – the hilltop town where he grew up. Rossi and his gang train here most days, mastering the art of throttle control and machine control around a 2.5km dirt course that includes 13 corners: lefts, rights, uphill, downhill, all graded and manicured to provide just the right amount of grip: not too much and not too little. It’s an epic facility that dwarfs many commercial tracks. The 100-kilometre race has been the main event at the ranch since 2014. In theory, it’s a bit of postseason fun with his friends and his young apprentices from the VR46 Riders Academy, but the reality is somewhat different. There are no world championship points up for grabs, no prize money, no bonus money, no grandstands crammed with adoring fans, but you’d never know it. The battle for the lead – Rossi and co-rider Franco Morbidelli versus Mattia Pasini and team-mate Lorenzo Baldassarri – was fast and furious throughout most of the hour and 50 minutes. As rough and as tough as anything you see in MotoGP. “It’s a lot more fun than MotoGP... Here it’s just fun – it’s just the taste of riding a motorcycle" “The prize is pride, just pride!” grinned Morbidelli, who took the win with Rossi by just 1.5 seconds. “Now for one year we can tell the others, we beat you!” Morbidelli had the biggest fight of them all with Baldassarri, as they contested the lead in the latter stages of the race, during which riders did stints of around 15 minutes. The pair cut each other up continuously and collided on several occasions. Moto2 race winner Baldassarri was none too pleased with the tactics of the 2018 MotoGP rookie of the year, but Morbidelli didn’t seem bothered. “We have very, very hard fights here – more intense than in the GPs because here there’s no Race Direction!” he laughed. Rossi admitted that it isn’t always easy to keep aggrieved riders from boiling over in the changing rooms. “Sometimes it’s difficult after a race, difficult to manage between the riders,” he said. “One guy says to the other: don’t do that again… I’ll f**king get you next time, things like this. But we always try to be piano, piano [softly, softly]. It’s not easy to find the right balance, but this aggression is also good for training and improving.” The 100km lead swayed this way and that, sometimes changing several times a lap and sometimes in the pits, when each team swapped rider and bike, with mechanics switching transponders from one bike to the other as quickly as possible. In the closing stages Rossi had taken the lead from Pasini, but when they came into the pits his crew was a split second too slow swapping their transponder, so Baldassarri raced out just ahead of Morbidelli. Finally, Rossi and Morbidelli seemed to have lost the battle when Rossi clouted a trackside marker pole with his right foot during his penultimate stint. After he handed over to his team-mate he was limping heavily and the doctor was called. “I was right behind Paso; very, very close to him because I wanted to attack,” he said. “In a fast right I closed my line too much and I hit the post with my foot. F**k, I felt a lot of pain. We checked it with the doctor and I said we won’t stop because, on the bike, it wasn’t a problem. I hope it’s okay – we will check it in the next few days.” During their final stint, Pasini opened a six-second advantage over Rossi, but then disaster. “F**k, I don’t know what happened!” said Pasini, another Moto2 winner who won the 2017 100km. “In two or three years I’ve never crashed at that corner – it’s called the Graziano Rossi corner, so maybe there was some witchcraft! I felt very calm, maybe too calm, because we had a six-second lead. “Anyway, we did a very good job because the track changed a lot in the race. I was fast in my first stint, then the track changed and I was a bit in crisis in my second stint, then the track changed again and I was fast again. Every stint the level was basically the same between us: sometimes [I was] a bit faster, sometimes Vale, and the same with Franco and Balda!” Rossi could hardly believe it when Pasini skidded off, quickly remounting right behind the new leader. Pasini closed the gap in the last couple of laps, but didn’t quite make it. “It’s a great victory because it looked like we had lost the race,” beamed Rossi. “It’s a great emotion and it’s important because Franco and I didn’t win a race this year, so this one victory changes the season! We enjoyed it a lot, a lot. It was good. It was a very difficult race because the track changed a lot – the grip went up after a bit and then went down with the evening humidity, so you had to control things very much. I enjoyed myself a lot.
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    Rossi's Fan Club 46
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    Motogp presezon 2019

    Si eu cred la fel Valentino Rossi saw Jorge Lorenzo’s progress at Repsol Honda solidify after the two pre-season tests and believes that on the next class outing at the Sepang test, the majorcan will be on the fastest group. ‘Lorenzo is already prepared for Honda, and his next test at Sepang (Feb. 6-8) will already be at the front. Jorge had suffered a lot in Valencia but it is normal because the bike is very different from the one he had ridden so far, but even so in Jerez it was very fast. It lacks a bit, but in Malaysia it will already be in the front’, IIl Dottore told It is recalled that the tests of Sepang are scheduled for February 6, 7 and 8, starting with the spaniard fully recovered from the wrist injury that limited him in the first tests with Honda.